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For more than eight years the girl from the novel Sunrises over the Sea and the trenchant literary universe of its author Jeroen Brouwers were at the centre of the work of Christina de Vos. The apotheosis of this work appeared on 16 December 2012 as a book titled Aurora, published by TAB (Timmer Art Books).

The paintings that are reproduced in this book have partly been exhibited in those eight years in shows at gallery Wansink in Maastricht, under the titles dicht op de huid (close to the heart), zonder zon (sunless) and Aurora, but are to be considered as one series. Now, however, sales have made it for good impossible to show it as it was meant to.

In this way, this apotheosis is also somewhat of an attempt to show the series as a single unit, by presenting the most important paintings, plus fifteen specially made collages that link up to the words of Jeroen Brouwers, and a series of drawings that actually are sober reductions of some of the paintings. Also, there is a collage figuring some of the works that were destroyed and now generally serve as canvasses for newer, still existing paintings.

Aurora (bound hardcover) is available in Dutch book shops (ISBN 978-94-91182-16-7) and can be ordered directly from Christina de Vos, signed if so desired.

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